Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Blog Tour Review} The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle

Series: The Hallowed Ones #1
Publication Date: September 25, 2012

Publisher: HMH Graphia
ISBN-13: 9780547859262

Her dreams of Rumspringa where now gone, the outside world was no more, gone with it where her dreams of long afternoons enjoying a Coke and going to the movies. 
Katie has always been a rebel among the Amish, the elders pay her extra attention. You would think that when the world outside turn deadly that she would obey the elders and not question their decision, but when a life is at stake she will risk everything and everyone to do what is right.
After rescuing Alex a 24 year old Canadian she discovers more about what happened in the outside, if Alex is to be believed the outside world is falling in the hands of vampires and not the shiny ones, no this ruthless creatures have a blood lust and an evil inside of them that the destruction they havoc comes from beyond your gory imagination. 

When I heard about this book all I heard was Amish + End of the world + Evil Vampires, it all screamed to me READ ME LIL BERRY READ ME NOW. And how right it was, this book is dark, gory and not something I would call Young Adult, it can fall under that category but I feel that readers that enjoy adult books will enjoy it too, it's one of those book that has a little something for everyone.
I laughed, almost cried and bite my nails with this book, honestly, Laura Bickle is such a tease and an excellent writer. She got me all jumpy, all excited, kinda stressed out (the good kind) for something to happened  yes she toyed with me and my feelings but I liked it, it made me feel more a part of the story, more of a secret accomplice to Katie and Alex then an spectator. 
Highly recommend this book, and for those fans of this book, it is official this is now a series and we can expect the second book "The Outside" sometime in 2013.
If you would like to know more about the book please let me know, I could talk about this book for hours.



  1. Interesting, I was picturing the creatures more like zombies than vampires.

  2. Love the premise for a paranormal Amish story! You've roused my curiosity, so I'll have to go pick this one up. The Amish must be part of the world's collective unconscious at the moment because my novel, Botanicaust, could be called an Amish sci-fi - lol! Thanks for posting!

  3. Glad it helped get this book into your radar :D
    And thank you for letting me know about yours a carnivorous wasteland sounds like a harsh way to go :)

  4. It's such a great cover, Laura, and a wild concept!

  5. I've been thinking about reading this for a while, but have still been somewhat unsure about the Amish aspect of the book. Still, so many people have been giving it good reviews! I must read it now!

  6. great review. I have this on my Kindle, you've made me want to push it to the top of my must read list

  7. I am really glad to hear that :D

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks for taking the time to read and review THE HALLOWED ONES!

  9. Thank you for writing it and for letting there be a second part :D