Friday, March 15, 2013

{Blog Tour Review} Dualed by Elsie Chapman

Series: Dualed #1
Publication Date: February 26, 2013
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780307931542
The future twist and turns in unexpected ways, this is my present, your future. After war broke down in what was known as the United States our leaders decided it was best for us to to live this way.
Here we have a rite of passage, we are born in pairs, from the moment we are born there is us and our Alt, a genetic copy of ourselves living with another family a clone of ourselves living another life. Sometime around thirteen to our twentieth birthday we will be called by the elders to fight our Alt, winning means belter schooling, food our change to stay alive.
I am West Grayer, now an orphan with only my brother and his friend Chord. We are slowly waiting for our turn to fight, to be the one, be worthy.  This is my story.
The concept for Dualed was really dark and that was exactly what draw me to this book. It was also the thing that stroke a chord and freaked me out, there was a point where I got so into what West’s had lost that I had to stop reading until I was able to shake the feeling of loss off of me, I can get mad at books or know that something tragic is coming and take a pause, but until now not one book had freaked me out the way this did.
After that magical moment there was a step back, West became a difficult character to like. I understand that there was a tragic event that changed her character change was too far out there and she ends up making what in my opinion is a really stupid decision, it adds a sense of danger to the story but it’s not something that the West I got to know at the beginning of the story would of done.
I loved the narration of this story, if there is something I completely loved was the narration of the story, the concept of the story and the way that even though we are not living it is a thing that I feel Elsie Chapman mastered, and don’t get me started on Chord I completely and utterly adore this guy he was my favorite character in this story.
The main problem with this story is that after the trauma that West suffers which is a hard blow it seems that West just feels like stalling in some parts of the story while others that I didn’t find completely relevant kept moving forward.
 I think maybe what Elsie was trying to do was to outline the elements needed to paint the full picture in which West Grayer lives and why her story is worth telling. But there where elements that could have been developed even farther that would have given this story the extra kick it needed to leave a lasting impression and a place in my heart, I hope that Elsie’s editor helps her develop the things this story lacked so that Divided comes like a roaring storm when it hits its publishing date.

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