Monday, March 25, 2013

{Blog Tour Review} Shooting Stars by H.D. Gordon

Series: A Surah Stormsong Novel #1
Publication date: March 15, 2013
Publisher: ShareAread
Over a thousand years ago a boy and a girl met, both victims from the Great War. Their meeting only lasted a couple of minutes but it was life changing moment.
Now the boy and the girl meet again, only as men and women and as the one to bring justice and the prime suspect of the investigation. Now the boy that fell in love with the princess must prove his innocence, but things will only get more complicated when Black Heart comes to take him away making it harder to explain himself and for him to walk out of this mess.
I enjoyed the trip around Shooting Stars, for me it has a few things to work on but it is a nice journey to an unfamiliar world full of magic, creatures that may look like the ones we know here but couldn’t be farther from, royal drama and love.
The one quirk about this book that made me keep on wondering about the world the story is set in was when we stumbled into technology when this world didn’t seemed to have a need for it, when he get to read about the sign of the bar or the motorcycles that some of the guards use but then puff technology isn’t mentioned again in the book. I know this might not bother some of you but for me this makes my imagination falter and prevents me from getting a good idea of the settings.
I liked most of the characters in this book; I think that H.D. Gordon did a good job letting us know Surah, Charlie and Samson and making us hate other characters which will not be mentioned because of spoilery reasons.
Another thing that stole some of the taste in this story was the main villan, ok we get it he is cuckoo for cocoa puffs but… what else? I get it that he is driven by revenge and that there is more to the story but I would like to at least know what drove him to this point.
I really liked the love story in this book, it was sweet and even if we got to see more of the side of the male lead I am sure we will get to see how love really blossoms on Surah on the next book.
Being this my first H.D. Gordon experience I would have to say I liked it and enjoyed this book. Don’t be surprised if you see me reading and reviewing some of her other books.

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