Friday, March 22, 2013

{Review} The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

Series: The Iron Fey, Call of the Forgotten #1 / Iron Fey #5
Publication Date: October 23,  2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
ISBN-13: 9780373210572

After learning a out the fey the hard way Ethan Chase avoids making contact with them, tries to hide his secret... He can see them. Sadly the creatures that know he can see them cause mischief on his behave and have endangered his live several times.
His game is simple, pretend not to see them, don't get attached, always be prepared and try not to upset his mom. 
Strange thins start to happen to the fey in town and what seems to be a new type of fey appears and tries to push Ethan away from their affairs, sadly Ethan found a "friend" with a half breed Phouka and can't stay away. Which ends up with him and a noisy classmate in a quest to look for his sister Megan Chase the queen of the Iron Fey.

I liked this book, it has tempt me to learn more about the Iron Fey series, so expect more from Julie Kagawa in this blog. 
Now I did like this book, the story was interesting  it was obvious when you where meeting an important character from the Iron Fey universe, you could see the reasons behind Ethan's actions (even if it can be a little too much at times) and even understand Kenzie who can come across as a noisy brat from time to time. But it felt like there was something missing.
I can't quiet put my finger on it but there where times where the story seemed to urge more excitement then what I was experiencing, the descriptions weren't the problem I could fully imagine everything that was happening around, even if I understood the characters I can't say a fell in love with them so maybe that is part of it? maybe because of that me and this book didn't have a great connection even if I can appreciate it's a good book?


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