Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shelf we get to know PammyPam from the Unconventional Librarian

1- If you knew you were getting amnesia and you could leave yourself a note to re-read just one book or series which one would it be?
I would probably want to reread the Chronicles of Narnia.  Maybe this time I’d actually finish it.
2- What has been the review that you've had the most fun writing?
By far the review I’ve had the most fun writing has to be for Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters.  The book is a fun YA read and the author is a hoot and we actually had the chance to meet up in NYC live and in person.  Here’s the link: 
3- Tell us a little bit about your book crush, literary significant other or however you wish to call it ;)
If you know anything about me you know I love John Green. I know lots of people love him but I’m not shy about sharing the love.  We met at Book Expo America (BEA) and I tell everyone with ears that he’s my boyfriend.  That and a snap of the two of us together endears me to anyone under 18. 
4- Tell us what in your opinion sets your blog apart from the others
My blog is different from others because I’m not afraid to be silly. I also try to be serious when I have to be, especially when I’m looking for diversity in kids’ books: where are the African American characters, the Asian, disabled, GLBT, etc? These kids want to read books with characters like themselves.
5- Can you tell us a little about your blog schedule? What can we expect to see in your blog during the week.
I read and write my reviews based on a random algorithm developed by Stephen Hawking.   It’s top secret.  Up until now I’ve read books of all kinds but now I will only focus on books for kids through YA, so, there’s that. 
6- Do you eat when you read? if so tell us a little about what snacks you like to have.
Drinking is synonymous with reading. Drinking coffee, that is.  I am rarely far from a cuppa joe when I’m reading. 
7- Tell us about the most random character you have ever read. Did you love the character or hated it?
I met a character in a paranormal romance who was a lesbian. I don’t quite get the whole paranormal phenomenon so I spent a lot of time rereading each sentence.  I have nothing against lesbians, I just didn’t know how that bit tied in with the story.  Almost like it was thrown in as an extra exciting bit.  If it doesn’t help drive the story, it becomes superfluous to me.
8- Favorite and least favorite thing about blogging
Favorite? Sharing my love of books! Least favorite? The never ending pile of books marked TBR or books that I will never get to read because, well, I hafta work and eat and live. 
9- Most emotional or passionate review. 
The most passionate review I can remember is my review of Skinny by Donna Cooner.  The story is about a morbidly obese teenage girl who has a voice speaking to her, named Skinny who constantly tells her she will fail at everything she tries.  This theme is so relevant to what teens experience today and I wish more girls (and guys) were exposed to the book.  I even attended a conference call with the author which was a moving event.  Here’ s the link: 
10- Have you ever met any of your favorite authors? If so, could you please share your experience.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many authors: John Green (Fault in Our Stars), Doreen Cronin (Click, Clack, Moo), Avi (The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle), Patricia MacLachlan (Sarah Plain and Tall), to name just a few.  

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