Monday, April 22, 2013

{Review} The White Oak by Kim White

Series: Imperfect Darkness #1
Publication Date: April 19, 2012
Publisher: Story Machine Studio
ISBN-13: 2940014205108
Finally they were free, her father couldn't hurt them any longer. Finally they could relax and try to get a normal life. Or so they thought.
The day that Cora and Lucas where burying their father was meant to be the day they broke free from his abuse, not the day the earth swallowed them whole. The only survivor of this fateful event was Cora who now finds herself trapped in the underworld, a tricky place where she finds Minos a form of artificial intelligence with an agenda of his own that offers to guide Cora.
On their way they meet Sybil the underworld librarian and the keeper of the books of life and that meeting changes Cora's destiny forever.
A tale with a fresh new look to the underworld and the way destiny befalls us all.
This book will keep you guessing, every character has a secret he/she keeps and the story line will keep you at your feet and in the lookout for answers. Sadly this book was too short to provide all the clues needed and leaves you with crazy theories as to where Cora's life is heading.
I strongly suggest that if you want answers now wait for the next book in the Imperfect Darkness series, you see this book presents a whole new view of the underworld, fresh and technologically advanced  but not enough answers you get a little bit more information than Cora, but that's not saying much.
For the small amount of time we have with the Imperfect Darkness characters they make the ride really enjoyable, especially Minos who I had no idea which way will he react next and found his way into my heart.

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