Saturday, May 25, 2013

{Cover Wars} Cover Loving week 16-18

What a better way to start or continue a Saturday then by looking at the covers you guys dimmed the prettiest of their bunch.
 Yes, that is right we are still in the Book Loving count down as we see all the past winner of the battles that have ensued in Cover Wars. Now then let’s jump to it and start the pretty covers mini runaway.
First we have a cover that even though its characters are trapped in space it has no problem changing its “face”. We are talking about the cover with more cover makeovers in the story of Forget About TV, Grab a Book history and the first book to be launched into space. If you are thinking it’s all “Across the Universe” by Beth Revis you would be correct.
The winner for the Across the Universe week is the…..
From outer space we moved to something closer to home, to a girl that thinks she can make any boy into a bad boy but instead finds herself being changed. We are talking about Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett. It was The goth girl that thought she was doing the makeover VS The artsy looking, confident fairing goth girl; and the victorious cover for the Geek Girl battle is…..
We leave the contemporary world to move into the fairy tale retellings, one where people of earth learn to fear the moon people, especially their queen. This is the first Cover Wars that was International VS U.S. cover, one of the Cinder by Marissa Meyers covers even made a reader ask the question, should we really let that type of body image take over our books?
The  in this International VS Homeboy edition is….
This week we’ve discovers 6 covers that for you my dearest readers where the ones most deserving of your loving, the ones that represented the story best and the ones that you would pick up from a bookshelf if you were to bump into them in the wild. Join us next Wednesday to see more beautiful covers as we get nearer to the end of this book loving count down.
Did you liked this week’s winners?? Would you change any of them???

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