Friday, May 31, 2013

{Review} The Boyfriend Thief by Shana Norris

Publication date: April 30, 2011
Avery James knew what she wanted to do this summer, all her motivation lead to an ultimate goal a great college resume that would help one day become a doctor. The only thing standing between her and her goal was the humanitarian program in Costa Rica she needed to do during the summer to polish her college application
Avery works hard at the Diggity Dog House doing the Hot Diggity Shuffle every time a costumer asks, sadly it seems that the Diggity Dog gig won’t be enough to get her all the way to Costa Rica.
That is where Hannah Cohen comes in, her ex-bff and current competition in the running for valedictorian makes an offer she finds really hard to refuse, if Avery can make Zack Greely fall for her and break up with Hannah, Hannah will give her a monetary compensation that will make Avery reach her goal and Costa Rica.
Zack turns out to be more then Avery expected, a boy with strange habits that include midnight slushies, a boy with secrets and aspirations that go beyond what everyone at school expected. Avery may call mayday when she starts to find all this layers that on Zack, will she scream uncle before she crushes on this guy or will she finish the job she was hired to do?
I really enjoyed the boyfriend thief, I would recommend it to anyone that would be doing some long lines or waiting on something. This book for me had a relaxing effect, I liked the characters, I may not have gotten overly attached to them but they were appreciated and well liked.
The feeling I got from this book is that of a fresh contemporary, the main character is human and may fall into other’s traps but she will own up to her mistakes and take responsibility for her actions. The love interest may have some normal teenage themed issues but it’s in his personality that he engraves the fresh feeling of the book, when we talk about the villain a.k.a. the person that made Avery’s world shift well… I found her lacking at the end, don’t worry I won’t say more than that.
The setting feels real and I adore that this story has its own taste even if the concept of the story may not be one of the most original, kudos to Shana Norris for finding the way to make this story her own and make readers deep their feet into this interesting contemporary story.
This story as I said it’s fresh but it also left me satisfied at the end, it was as if the author had made an unwritten agreement that this book was just a glimpse at Avery James’s life and when I started reading I had unknowingly signed that I agreed to the terms use, I find it fascinated how she did that, readers now (myself included) are mostly left with a feeling that the story should carry on, yet Shana did the opposite she tried to leave the reader at peace with what he/she had glimpsed at.
The Boyfriend Thief is a read that we can call relaxing, not because it lack excitement, but because you can get lost in the story for a moment and forget everything else.

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