Monday, July 15, 2013

{15 Day Book Blogger Challenge} Day 8: 15 things that appeal you on blogs

 GoodBooks and Good Wine is doing a 15 day book blogger challenge a chance for this wonderful community to get to know thy neighbor as well as to dig a little deeper into ourselves as book lover/bloggers/readers.
Today we talk about what appeals to us in blogs, 15 bullets to share and let others know we like in others and our own blogs.
1.- I have a higher change at commenting in a blog that has Disqus, it is not a racist notion, nor am I trying to speak badly about other forms of accepting comments. Disqus lets me know when someone replied to my comment on other’s blog, when someone commented in mine, I can set up rules to what sort of content should go directly into the pending pile and it lets me look for the commenters info (not stalking info) but their blog and twitter.
2.- Blogs that do this sort of thing, but the hell out of me it takes some of the fun in reading it’s content because the highlighting is really distracting for me.
3.- When you put sparkles to my cursor it has exactly the same effect only this one looks pretty at first before starting its distracting game.
4.- Answering to reviews is important, I look at some posts to see if the host replies to comments and will return most of the time after a couple of days to see if I got a reply, if I didn’t it is probable I won’t bother in commenting on that blog again.
5.- You lose me completely if you erase comments. 1 of my comments can be understandable if it offended you in some way that I can’t comprehend or you know rude comments in general, but deleting a bunch of replies is a dishonorable thing to do and in my opinion a sign of ungratefulness.
6.- I like blogs that use original memes, especially the ones that keep on fighting to keep their ideas alive!
7.- On some days reading a more personal post is what I prefer instead of reading reviews, interviews, blitz or your regular schedule meme.
8.- I don’t care if you are taking a break just let your faithfull readers know about it, if not we will feel like puppies abandoned in the middle of the road on a rainy day.
9.- Let your readers know if a review you are doing has spoilers! Your regulars may know but sometimes people are stopping by for the first time and without a warning you have spoiled the book for them.
10.- I may be guilty of this one but messy side bars are a mayor turn off for me, some categories or a sense of order will be nice. Please let me know what you think.
11.- I love posts that have at the end “related” material that way if I liked your review I can go and pick at another without have to do a great search.
12.- Labels are a book bloggers best friend. Sometimes the related material that is suggested just doesn’t do it for me so I like to search by labels sadly I see that a lot of bloggers are now leaving labels behind and so I end my searches through that blog earlier.
13.- As soon as I investigate how to add the button to add a book to your goodreads “Want to Read” pile I will do it, I find that little button really useful and a great way to not loose a beat on the books you would like to read.
14.- Blogloving is now a must have, true but for me it is also a great way to keep up with those blogs you once decided to follow. The Blogloving layout is more user friendly and less tiring to look at.
15.- The most important thing to do is to blog for yourself, not to get more followers, ARCs or book swag. As long as you like it and know how to pace yourself it will not become something you HAVE to do and it will stay as something that you LIKE to do. Sometimes you can see when people shift from one to another in the way the write their posts.
I know I didn’t really do the appeal thing more like my personal do’s and don’ts but I hope you find them helpful and if you feel I am guilty of some of this 15 points please let me know so I can make it better.
What are your 15 book blog appeals or do’s and don’ts?


  1. Thanks for the retweet! I'm wrestling with my sidebars and I think they're sort of under control. As for highlighting ... that just ruins it for me too!

  2. Sidebars are really tricky aren't they you think you've fixed them and then you leave them be a couple of weeks/months and suddenly it seems they've created a whole new community!

  3. I like disqus, but I'm afraid of messing with my default commenting settings. Jetpack for WordPress catches spam so good...why fix what isn't broke.

    I love Bloglovin too. I could never get Google Reader to work well for me. It was super buggy and deleting blogs off of it was such a hassle.

    It bothers me when blogs seem to show off more cool ARCs than they could ever review. :(

  4. Hmmmm labels... I honestly have my labels hidden just because it looks pretty messy but I've been considering putting them back on just so people can search the blog like that. Great post!

  5. Thanks for stopping by earlier. I liked your dos and don'ts. I think that's essentially what appeals to you. I completely agree about Bloglovin'. It's a must. And shoot, I only just learned about labels this year. I need to go back and label all of my old posts, but geez, who has time for that?

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  6. When other blogs start showing off their cool ARC's I try to look at them as documentaries that show that wild ARC's still exist :P
    By the way if you ever want to move things around with Disqus let me know I'll tell you what I know :)

  7. LOL, then trying to get the top ARC books is like trying to film the elusive North American Jaguar.

    (I watch too many documentaries. It's that or Fireman Sam.)