Monday, July 8, 2013

{Audio Book Review} World War Z by Max Brooks

Publication date: August 30, 2006
Publisher: Random House Audio
ISBN-13: 9781415933510
The world is settling back again, I’ve been hired to get the stories of what happened to let the world know and hopefully never forget what we’ve been through.
Now I am trying to keep the voices of the survivors from getting lost forever, after all the data and stories I’ve collected throughout the United States and the world has been crushed down into facts and statistics, that left my boss happy and me feeling like the “human factor” should never be lost, especially after all we’ve been through, especially when that is what separates us from the Z’s.
I really enjoyed the audio book version of this book, it only had one mayor flaw this version is abridged, for those of you that don’t know what that means it is fairly simple when you see an audiobook saying it is abridged it means it is shortened so you don’t get the full story.
This is really a pity because if this audiobook had been unabridged with this type of production it would have been perfect!!
When I saw the number of voice actors that where working on this book and got into the first our I thought “this is what I’ve always wanted in an audiobook” I’m not saying that other narrators haven’t done a good job with their own books, all I am saying is that when I first started listening to audiobooks this is what I was expecting, more than one voice sucking the listener in and making him/her feel what the characters are experimenting.
I loved every minute of it, each survival story was unique Max Brooks did a great job writing this story and I believe that it’s in part because he is involved in the audiobook that this story has such an impact to it. I love the goosebumps it gave me and how I ended up wishing the person telling his/her story would survive when it was obvious they did because hey they are telling their story (yes it might just have been my having an airhead moment, but still…).
I would really recommend this book, but remember this is not an unabridged version, so you won’t get the full scoop like all the cool kids that decided to read the book.

            Because it’s an abridged version:

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