Thursday, July 4, 2013

{Pick a Pic} Books you've been afraid to read

Hi guys and welcome to this month’s edition of Pick a Pic, a place where readers get to vote on a book they would want you to review and for you to get rid of a book from the TBR list of books you’ve already bought.
This monthly meme works fairly simple:
Week 1: present the books based this month’s theme.
Week 2: Let your readers know who won.
Week 3: Read the book.
Week 4: Present your review to your readers.
Or at least that is the original intention for this meme.
This month’s theme is “Books you've been afraid to read” we’ve all been there buying a book that we thought that if we bought it and saw it judging us from out bookshelf silently saying “you promised to read and love me” that it will get you into gear and that book would be out of your TBR list and into your Read pile.
Here are my nominees:
The Fault is in our Stars by John Green, I know this book is really popular and has a lot of people jumping in the Green wagon, yet… the fact that I know that this book will have most likely make me crying at the end makes me weary of it and that is why I haven’t read… well actually listened to it, got an audio book thinking it would make things easier.

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi, this might sound weird to you but ever since Destroy Me I’ve been waiting for this book and the famous chapter 62. I’ve wanted to go into what I call a book hibernation, which is looking yourself in with your book, no distractions no social engagements nothing that can get in the way of your reading agenda. 
And yet that is not the reason I am afraid, I am afraid this book will not live to the expectations of all the fans that are rooting for the series, that in some way the Warner magic that makes me go gaga for this series will be lost and it’s charmed turned off, I know drama much, but that is the way this book makes me feel.
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