Monday, August 19, 2013

{Blog Tour Review} Before Midnight by Jennifer Blackstream

Series: Blood Prince #1
Publication date: July 1st, 2013
Publisher: Key Publishing
After a weird event in a land that connects different planes where a werewolf, a vampire, a demon, an angel and a god meet under a mysterious tree there only lies hope for a prophecy to come to life.
After each of the men part our story follows Etienne the werewolf prince that carries the consequences of a blessing gone wrong that has left him being half of what he once was now he is the future heir of a kingdom he can no longer protect the way he was destined to.
As faith would have it there is a solution for his terrible “blessing” but he must act fast yet a stop on the woods marks an encounter with a creature that makes him find the peace he has not known since the day marked him.
Before midnight is an entertaining story that from the very beginning lets you know that if you wish to truly discover all the secrets this book hides you will have to continue with this series up until the very end.
The way Jennifer Blackstream blended and twisted the story we all know as Cinderella was beyond my expectations, she made this story feel original, fresh and at times as if I was reading it for the first time.
Loupe the gentle creature that catches Etienne’s eye was entertaining to get to know, the way her circumstances changed and her dreams came crumbling down on her don’t present her as a truly weak women but as a strong woman in the making.
My main issue with this book would be the sex scene in this book, for me if there is going to be a scene giving a lot of importance on the sexy times it better be relevant to the story and in my opinion it wasn’t relevant to dedicate such a word count to this event but also the time it took place wasn’t the smartest one.
Before Midnight is a fast and interesting read that will let you feeling that there is more about this Cinderella then you think you knew perfect for those that don’t mind an explicit sex scene.

 3.5 Broken TV's


  1. the first sentence of the synopsis made me reads like one of those jokes..ya know a priest, a banker, and a mailman are sitting at a bar and..... I love retellings and have added this to my wishlist, wonderful review!

  2. hahaha it did feel like that when I was reading it from the book I was also waiting for some sort of punch line :P
    I hope you do enjoy it Kimba, let me know what you thought of it :D